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We Build Custom Mobile Apps For Your Business

In the late 1990’s it was predicted that offline businesses would need their own website to remain competitive in their marketplace. Fast forward to 2017 and that proved to be correct.

The online and social media environment is constantly changing, and with more people using their Smartphones, Tablets and mobile apps to find what they need, it is vital that a business has a mobile application.

That’s where we come in!

At YoungDarren.com we create professional Android apps and iOS applications, that are fully compatible with Apple and Android Smartphones/Tablets.

7 Ways A Mobile App Can Help Grow Your Business

1. Customer Visibility

Statistics show that people spend more than two hours per day on their mobile devices. Once your app is installed on their mobile device, your business app icon and branding will be visible every time they scroll through their device looking for an app that they want to use.

Whether or not they actually open your app is not an issue, the fact that they will see your app icon and business branding, will subconsciously remind them of your business and help to reinforce your brand.

2. Direct Contact With Customers

Having a mobile application creates a direct way for you to market your products and services to your customers, direct to their mobile device.

The app can be designed specifically for your business so that incorporates features such as a product store, booking forms, contact forms, coupons, loyalty cards and even a business blog feed can be added into the app. This in turn can create a direct form of marketing to your customers using the app.

Also, by using push notifications you can contact your customers on their mobile device. This is great if you want to instantly get word out about a special promotion like a new coupon code or loyalty card that you have created.

3. Coupon Codes & Loyalty Cards

Many businesses run coupon code and loyalty card programs which help improve their customer retention and grow the business. Traditionally coupon codes and loyalty cards would need to be presented at the point sale or checkout, however, you can digitize this by incorporating them into the mobile app.

In addition to this, you can also use push notifications to message customers about the latest coupon code and loyalty card promotions. By using push notifications you can laser-target loyalty card holders and coupon code promotions within a certain geographical location. This is particularly useful for local retail or service type businesses that operate in a certain location.

A simple 10% off coupon code or loyalty card discount could be the deciding factor for the customer on whether to buy from the business or from a competitors. Using push notifications within the app, the coupon code or loyalty card promotion can be updated, extended or withdrawn instantaneously within the app.

4. Business Brand Recognition

Building a successful brand for a business is crucial in today’s marketplace.

Consistency is the key; from the service provided to the use of a company logo and color scheme across all media and marketing channels.

By incorporating the company logo and color scheme into the mobile app design, will provide an instant brand recognition for the business.

5. Customer Engagement

It does not matter what you’re selling. You could be selling floors, physiotherapy, coffee, lunch menus and lunch deals at restaurants, dental treatment, styling, home decor…  if your users have a way to get the same end result without having to pick up the phone and call you, then it’s going to improve your business.

Let’s say for example, they want to make a booking for a restaurant or they want to make a booking for a massage. Well, then, they can just open up the app on your phone, enter in their booking, select the date, select the time and then they can make that appointment, all without having to pick up the phone. So that’s the level of customer engagement that you want.

Maybe you’ve got some new product lines in; well, you can add them to your catalogue. People can open up your app, look at your catalogue and they can make an appointment to come in. Maybe you’ve got a real estate app and people are looking for properties in a certain area. Or you’ve got an auto car dealership or you sell parts for mountain biking, road biking. So that just creates a better level of engagement with your customer.

6. Outpace The Competition

History shows that offline businesses took a lot longer to get online than what they should have. And the ones who got online first actually got a big jump ahead of their competitors. The mobile apps base is exactly the same. Anyone who runs an offline business, and they’ve done so for a long time, or they’re aware of other people in that particular space, they’ll know that they need a website.

The fact is the MAJORITY of your customers read and research a lot of their information online… the statistics show that the largest percentage of people are using their smartphones and tablets to browse the Internet.

A mobile app is exactly the same concept and it’s growing. So now not only do businesses need a website they also need an app. It just gives you multiple channels to be able to communicate with your customer. The MAJOR benefit of a mobile app is you have the ability you contact your customers at any time

7. Create Customer Loyalty

Consumers are constantly bombarded with advertising on TV, billboards, Facebook news feed, email advertising, leaflets posted through the door and so on.

This makes it even harder to get your business message across and attract new customers. However, if potential or existing customers have your business app on their phone, then you can communicate with them directly at any time.

So if you’re running a promotion or coupon code, instead of relying on customers looking at your FB fan page, seeing your Google AdWords ad or visiting your website, you can simply send them a push notification direct to their phone. There is no competing with any other advertising media and it will get the customers immediate attention.

App Screenshots

Powerful Mobile App Features


Perfect to get feedback and reviews from your customers. A great way to improve your service and build a relationship with your customers


Publish coupons direct to your app and let your customers know about special offers you are running. Great way to ensure you keep getting returning customers

Loyalty Cards

YES! You can have loyalty cards for YOUR business in your mobile app. Loyalty cards are a proven marketing strategy to increase return business

Exquisite Design

Showcase your branding & logo directly onto your customers smartphone. Your apps will look super professional and impress all your new and old customers.


Push Notifications

INSTANTLY contact all customers who have installed your app by sending out a push notification. Great for special offers, events and everything else to drive customers back to your business.

You can send out a push notification based on the their current location… for example.. contact people who are within 3 miles of your store.


You can showcase your business via video galleries or image galleries from within your own mobile app

Click To Call

Users can call your company with the click of a button on their phone

Social Intergration

Integrate all your social media profiles directly into your app. A great way to keep your business where it matters most… in front of your customers

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