SMS Advertising or brand name promotion, using mobile devices, has become one of the most popular methods used by the mobile marketer to promote their brand, product or service. This method of advertising has been fully embraced by many brand owners and mobile marketers.


A Bulk SMS advertising campaign, for example, is a typical practice of creating awareness about a brand name to potential customers based on various targeted information. Many of the mobile advertising companies can guarantee an efficient reach of the brand name messages to potential and existing customers.

In the following paragraphs, we will discuss the 5 benefits of using Mobile SMS Advertising.

Why should brand name owners choose an SMS advertising campaign over anything else and how can an SMS mobile marketing campaign provide a positive effect on target consumers?

These questions are easily answered with the 5 benefits of using SMS Advertising,

1. Brand Message

SMS Advertising develops a concept of your advertising project. Be it any kind of brand promotion, a mobile SMS ad campaign develops a clear message about your brand as well as embedding your advertising project in the consumers mind. It is simple to appeal to the consumers state of mind through an SMS campaign since the brand name message reaches out to each person in an individualized and targeted way using their cell phone.

2. Consumer Data Filtering

A mobile SMS Text message can filter the data source depending on the brand name owners marketing requirement or need. Brand business owners or mobile marketers can therefore launch their own advertising campaigns depending on the type of customers or consumers they wish to extract from their mobile marketing databases.


3. Time Saving

SMS advertising campaigns can save time as it is quick to conceptualize, create and begin promoting the campaign. As soon as the marketing message is finalized, the mobile marketer can launch the advertising campaign then and there. Launching a mobile SMS campaign is undoubtedly one of the most time conserving promotional campaigns among all the modes of brand advertising.

4. Targeted Receivers

The mobile marketer or brand name owner can choose his target group by gender, age or by city. The SMS campaign can target a specific target group according to an area, age team or gender. Mobile marketers can remove different data sources for their campaigns. As per the data source, they can select target teams appropriately to ages, gender or by place. For example, while advertising a cosmetic product, advertisers can arrange out the data source of female buyers. Marketers once again have actually added advantages to targeting those specific buyers who have even more spending ability. All in all, the advertiser can guarantee that the brand business owner and his brand message will not be wasted and will been seen by the correct target group.

5. Direct

SMS advertisements reach directly to your targeted customers, this is because a mobile phone is one of the most customized gadgets, brand messages sent through this marketing medium can reach directly to a particular targeted group of consumers or clients. Brand name business owners have full control when and how to reach their consumers, clients or existing customers. However, on the other hand, consumers equally have the exact same control to delete or read the brand name message.

Simply put, if the receiver of the SMS message decides that he or she likes the brand message or finds it is of importance to them, then they will reply to it. However, if they feel that its not of any relevance or importance then they can simply delete the message.

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