Although widely used by brands from all sectors, SMS marketing is still a relatively new part of the marketing landscape. Because of this, it can be difficult for marketers interested in starting SMS marketing to know the full ‘ins and outs’ of the medium.

If you are thinking of creating an SMS marketing campaign, then there are a few things that you should bear in mind to make your SMS initiative a success.


Firstly, your campaign must be compliant with all current data protection laws to ensure that you don’t end up in some legal hot water. Then to achieve the most out of your SMS marketing campaign and successfully grow your loyal SMS customer database; ensure that you follow and apply these 5 golden rules of SMS marketing.

1. Include An Opt-in Form For Mobile Numbers On Your Website

A similar strategy to that of an email opt-in form where your website visitors can subscribe to your website. Remember to explain to your subscribes of your mobile opt-in form, that they will receive updates via mobile from time to time.

2. Ensure All Numbers You Are Texting Have Opted Into Your Communications

Texting someone who doesn’t want to receive your messages counts as spam and can result in some hefty penalties for your brand. Allow people to stop receiving your messages – consumers should be able to opt out of an SMS campaign at any time. You can do this by enabling them to send a ‘STOP’ to you, which should be free of charge for the subscriber.

3. Keep Your Customer Data Current

If somebody changes their phone or switches a number, you need to ensure you are not texting a new ‘customer’ who has not agreed to be part of your campaign.

4. Run Promotions

There are a number of ways you can safely and responsibly get potential customers to give you their mobile number in the first place, for example, run a ‘Point of Sale’ or ‘On Pack’ promotion that require a mobile number to participate, while again making sure you are fully transparent and honest about what their number will be used for.

5. Collect Mobile Information at Relevant Conferences or Exhibitions

If your brand is a sponsor of a particular event, this is the perfect opportunity to build your database. Provide potential customers with loyalty schemes that they can benefit from via their mobiles (this is a great way to provide value to the customer while building your database).


Finally, if you ensure that your SMS marketing campaign follows these 5 golden rules of SMS marketing, then you should not only be completely safe from a legal standpoint when messaging your customers, but your consumers should feel safe and assured that you and your brand are honest and transparent, leading them to eventually WANT to receive your mobile communications and buy your products or services.

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