Social media, if used correctly, can play a crucial part in promoting your online or offline business. With the abundance of social networking web sites, it really isn’t all that difficult to build up a customer or client base in which you can then market your products or service to. Simply by understanding how social media works, will help your business gain more exposure both online and offline and also assist you in your overall marketing plan.

Recent research has shown that about 14% of Americans spend most of their time on social networking sites. (source: ComScore). Most large and small business owners now use social media to help to grow, promote and market their businesses. Therefore it is essential for you to know how to use social media, which will prevent you from wasting time updating Facebook with posts and tweeting about things on Twitter when nobody seems to have any interest in reading them.

These are my 7 social media tips to help get you started:

1. Get more followers
With the vast majority of people online having got an account on a social networking site, it really makes sense for you to use this to your best advantage. Facebook, for example, currently has over 1.1 Billion active users and with a monthly growth rate of 1.67% this figure is only going to increase overtime.

With that amount of users on Facebook, it creates a lot of free exposure for your business and will make a great marketing tool for many years to come. So do you think that you could tap into some of those 1.1 Billion users and is it possible that they might be interested in what you have to offer?

2. Make the connection
The great thing about the social media networks like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, is that you can connect with people from all over the world. Therefore it is possible to grow your business, not just in your local market, but also in many overseas markets and different countries. This is something that would have not been so easy to accomplish 7 or 8 years ago.

3. Number are not everything
Just because you have 1000’s of followers or fans does not always convert into more sales. The best strategy to ensure followers or fans eventually convert into customers, is to target people on the social networks that have an interest in what it is that you do. Simply put, don’t just target anyone in order to increase your number of followers or fans. By having a group of targeted and engaged followers or fans, you’ll more likely get a sale from them later on down the road.

You can find out more about increasing your social media followers and fan base by reading my Get Twitter Followers Fast blog post.


4. Use Free Social Media Services
It may take a little longer to get established but you can gain just as many followers or fans using the free promotion and marketing services on social media sites. However, if you’re in a hurry and want to fastrack building up your social media profiles, then you can always pay for Facebook advertising to promote your page or StumbleUpon Paid Discovery to increase your traffic.

5. Limit your work
You can choose a handful of the best social networking sites to promote your business, which will save your spending hours and hours updating hundreds of different profiles. You can link most of these sites together so you’ll only have to post content or information to a few sites at once and they will all be updated.

One of the best tools online to help you with this is BufferApp, which allows you to ‘auto-post’ content and information to most of the biggest social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to name but a few.

6. Be more Social
Try to get your followers to engage with you in various conversations; don’t just try to sell them something outright. Social media needs a very ‘soft sell’ approach to your followers or fans; you cannot be too direct because you need to sell yourself as well as your business.

7. Honesty is the best policy
I know it’s a bit cliché, but honesty really is the best policy on all your social media profiles. It can be tempting to write an overly positive review about a particular product or service that you are selling to gain more sales. However, this could potentially ruin your online reputation if the product or service turns out to be of inferior quality.

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