freelance-websitesTop freelance websites can be difficult to find due to the fact that they are so many of them out there on the web. In this post I will reveal, what I believe to be, the top 7 freelance sites that I have used. This will hopefully help you to choose the best site for all your outsourcing needs.

The main benefit of using freelance workers online is that you can save a lot of money when compared to hiring people in your local area. For example, you could hire someone overseas in an Asian country who is happy to work for around one third of what you would have to pay someone locally. There could be many reasons for this, for example, it could be that the cost of living is lower and they can afford to charge less, or that they are happy to work for a lower price. Well whatever the reason, the net result is that you will definitely save a lot of time and money when getting your work done!

So here is a my list of the top seven freelancing websites that I use for my outsourcing needs,

This is a top freelance website where you can find quality workers. You can select the contractor based on ratings and reviews and after you have reviewed the contractors work, you can then approve it and the contractor will get paid.



You can find skilled freelance workers on Elance in almost all fields such as writing, web designing, programming, software development, graphic design, medical transcription, legal and finance. You can post your work on Elance and get proposals instantly. This site has more than 99000 professionals ready to be hired.

This is a popular global services market place that is doing business in more than 200 countries. You can find great talents in all fields at very competitive rates.

It’s a great outsourcing market place where you can outsource anything you can think of. You can find hundreds of skilled programmers, web designers, content writers and ghost writers at highly competitive rates. You can pay your freelancers only if you are fully satisfied with their work. Also, if you offer your services on Freelancer, you can post your first piece of work for free on the site.

This freelance website has over a million registered users. You can find the right freelance worker at affordable prices. You can post your job for free and pay after the satisfactory completion of your project.

Get articles, blog posts and web pages written for your web site using many freelance writers from across the globe. What I like about iWriter is that you can deny content for whatever reason. So if you receive an article or blog post that you don’t like, then you can deny it or ask for a re-write and the writer does not get paid until you approve the content. You can also sign up to iWriter for free, and as a writer, you can earn up to $15.00 for every article that you write. You can choose the topics you wish to write about and how many article or blog posts you wish to write each day.


The original five dollar outsourcing site where people will pretty much do anything for you for a tiny 5 bucks! You can also sell your services, products and promote your online home business on Fiverr. Each listing on Fiverr is called a ‘Gig’ and you can pay using a credit card or your PayPal account.

The ‘Gig Extra’ is basically like an up-sell and this can cost you an extra $5-$40 on top of the gig price of $5. A ‘Gig Extra’ could be delivering the service or dispatching a product within 24 hours or perhaps offering a related service or product to what is being offered in the Gig.

I’m sure that you will find these 7 top freelance websites will help you hire skilled freelance workers and professionals at very affordable prices.

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