twitter-marketing-bird-blackMost people know how important social media is to their online business, but many seem to overlook one of the best sites out there for promoting an online home business – Twitter.

Twitter is a great way to get a short message out about your online business and it is a good idea to get Twitter followers as fast as possible, which in turn, will help you get the word out about your business to the highest number of people.

Many online business owners tend to focus on Facebook, and Twitter seems to be viewed as the lesser of the two social media sites. But if you are serious about taking your online home business to the next level, then you going to need Twitter and learn how to get Twitter followers fast.

Sharing Is Caring

They say ‘sharing is caring’ right? Well that certainly is the case on Twitter, because 9 times out of 10, if you follow someone then they will usually follow you back. So an easy method to increase your followers on Twitter is to simply follow more people. You can target people with similar interests to you, which will increase your chances of them following you back. For example, if you are selling a product or providing a service related to blue widgets, then you can target similar people on Twitter selling different types of widgets or who also have an interest in widgets!

As a general rule, people tend to respect and trust an online business if it has a large social media following on Twitter and other sites. If, however, you are having difficulty increasing your Twitter followers then you can use various Twitter software programs that are available online. Probably one of the best available is TweetAdder which is fully Twitter compliant and you can find profiles and get Twitter followers fast using this software.

The software allows you to quickly search Twitter for profiles or Tweets which contain the keywords you specify. The software then displays a list of profiles or Tweets that contain those keywords. It also reveals the number of followers and following counts for each profile displayed.

Another great feature of TweetAdder is you can also set the software to automatically ‘follow back’ when someone followers you on Twitter. This ‘follow back’ feature also allows you to send them a brief message thanking them for following you and you can always put in a link to your website or offer page within the message.

You can find out more about TweetAdder at the following link:

Buy Followers

Another method to increase your Twitter following is to ‘buy’ Twitter followers online. Many people use this strategy to increase their followers and their company’s online social image. Initially this may work for your business because it will look more trusted with a higher number of followers. However, the main problem with this ‘buying’ method is it may not be very well targeted, so as a result, the followers may not be really interested in what it is you’re Tweeting about or your business. The end result could be that they will end up un-following you!

This is why it is best to focus most of your efforts on building a natural, targeted social media following that engages with your business, which in the long term is more likely to convert into sales.

The Next Step

If you are serious about finding out how to get Twitter followers, then it can take a little time to build up quality, engaged followers who will respond to your tweets and also re-tweet your content. These are the best type of followers to get since they are genuinely interested in what it is you are tweeting and offering through your online business.


If you wish to fast-track your Twitter learning and quickly build up a large number of followers, then you may want to have a look at my Twitter Marketing Made Easy course. My course reveals how to harness the power of Twitter to grow your Twitter profile and increase traffic to your web site.

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