Master-Google-GmailGoogle Gmail accounts come with a large email inbox capacity of 15GB and the ability to send Gmail messages (including attachments) of up to 25MB; making Gmail one of the most competitive email providers on the web today. Google Gmail is more than just a free email client, it’s a powerful marketing tool that can be integrated with all of Google’s tools.

Google Gmail Tutorial

If you are looking to learn more about Google Gmail then my Gmail tutorial course  provides you with 10 step-by-step training videos that you can go through at your own pace. You can watch ‘over-my-shoulder’ as I show you how to Master Google Gmail and discover all of the Gmail features and how to navigate around the account user interface.

You will learn how to setup and configure the following Gmail features,

Gmail Labs

This feature allows you to test new or experimental features of Gmail, for example, bookmarking of important email messages or custom keyboard shortcuts. It is possible to enable or disable each Gmail Labs feature and you can provide valuable feedback to Google about each of the features. This makes it possible for Gmail technicians to gather user information about any new features they release into Gmail and whether or not they should be incorporated as a permanent feature.

Gmail Spam Filter

Using Gmail Spam filter, a user can mark certain email messages as spam. Gmail then shares this information with all other Gmail users, thus providing increased protection against email spammers.

Gmail Mobile

Gmail Mobile is a free email service that provides access to email from mobile devices, Smartphones and tablets.


Google+, launched back in June 2011, allows Gmail users to integrate their account with Google’s social networking services. The Google+ profile icons appear in the headers of emails received in Gmail and Google+ circles will appear in your Gmail contacts list.

Gmail Search

All Gmail accounts have a built-in search function, similar to Google Search, but this search function only searches the contents of the users Gmail account. When carrying out an email search you can take advantage of the auto-complete predictions from your email content, which help speed up the search process.

I recommend that you setup a free Gmail account, which you can then use to ‘put into practice’ what you will be learning throughout the course. Even if you decide not to take my course, then I totally recommend that you sign up for Gmail because it will allow you to mange your emails with ease, including multiple email accounts, and help you to become 100% more productive in your email management.

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