For many people, getting Facebook Likes can seem tedious and getting them quickly, downright impossible, but honestly, it’s not as difficult as it seems. What is most important is that you get genuine people to like your page. People who are your target audience and most likely to buy your products or services.

The First Steps
Before you start worrying about how to get Facebook likes, it is best to focus on the content of your page. Fill your page with interesting and diverse content before you go out looking for people to like your page.

Once you have got a few posts up, family and friends are a great way to get the first couple of Likes quickly. If that’s not the way you want to go, then a good alternative is to use Facebook Advertising. Facebook Advertising is a paid service that provides a very fast way for you to directly reach your target audience and get people to view your profile or page. It is a very powerful service since you can target the people you want to reach by gender, age and region. Targeted marketing at it’s best!

Once you get your first couple of Facebook likes, then it is best not to post a hundred updates every day. You can collect ideas for posts and save them for later. Most Internet Marketing experts recommend posting 2-3 times per day on Facebook. By using Facebook posting and marketing services like Bufferapp.com and PostPlanner.com, they will automatically post content for you everyday. You can find related content for your page and queue it up for posting using BufferApp.com or use PostPlanner.com to scour the web and post articles relevant to your business , so you will not have to worry about searching for relevant content.

Timing is the key when it comes to generating Likes through your posts. If your post goes up when most of your target audience is asleep, it is very likely that they will never get to see it. Make sure your posts are up at peak Facebook traffic hours for your region to ensure it gets the most eyeballs and the most Likes and comments.

Once I’m done with automating content posting, can I sit back and relax?

Most definitely not. The pages that generate the most Facebook Likes are those that have constant interaction between the admin and the people who have liked the page. Replying to comments, asking questions and other general interaction like Liking peoples comments are sure to keep your audience involved and engaged with your page, as well as ensure the posts are visible on their news feeds for a while.

Even if you have automated your posting with BufferApp, you can still add a question or a relevant post once in a while to keep the interaction more human as well as diverse. Raising current issues and making relevant statements will assure the people who like or visit your page that there is a real person behind this and not some bot. If you don’t have the time to do this yourself, you can engage the services of Marketing Agencies like Green Cat who will do this and all your Facebook marketing for you. The advantage with using marketing agencies is that their marketing research enables them to put up posts that are guaranteed to generate more Likes.


How does a comment or Facebook Like on a post translate into a Like on my page?

When people like or comment on your post, it often shows up in their friend’s news feeds or tickers. These friends may be interested enough to read further and the post will lead them to your page where it is likely that they will stay on to read some more and like your page. Even if all they do is just like the post, this will lead to the post being visible on even more news feeds and tickers. This is why it is important to time your posts effectively as if done well, it get up on hundreds if not thousands of news feeds in a matter of seconds , thus generating a lot of likes.

Organically generating Facebook likes on your page means that you are assured of an interested , engaged audience that will eventually help you build your brand and reach out to even more people. Keeping the posts lively and interesting will help you get likes very quickly.

Whether you are posting yourself or engaging the services of a marketing agency for your Facebook marketing, decide early on what kind of voice your page will have. Will it be funny and quirky or will it be serious and intelligent. Make sure you take into account your target audience while deciding this. One you have decided, you can mold your page to reflect this voice, to ensure that is truly unique and stands out from the rest. In the long run, this will ultimately increase your Facebook likes substantially.

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