HTML5-Beginners-CourseHTML 5 tutorial video course where you will learn how to create websites and documents using HTML 5. HTML 5 is used for creating web pages and web documents. One of the main benefits of HTML 5 is the use of the new syntax tags or elements like <audio>,<canvas> and <video>.

Many of the new features of HTML5 have been created to provide the ability to run on all web browsers, smartphones and tablets, which is great news, since the amount of HTML compatible phones were at around 1 billion at the the end of 2013 (source: Strategy Analytics survey).

Some of the old HTML 4.1 (and earlier versions) elements have been removed or changed to bring about a more standardization across all web platforms. Examples of some other new elements are <article>, <header>, <section> and <nav>, which enable you to create a better design and look for your web pages and documents.

If you need to create a website or are involved in any kind of web development, my HTML 5 tutorial course will enable you to create great looking websites that will be compatible with all web browsers, Smartphones and Tablets. This is an important point because a lot of time and energy can go into creating quality web pages and you want to ensure that these web pages will display correctly on all devices.

So how do you go about learning HTML 5?

There are many free HTML 5 video tutorial and resources online, which can be found by doing a simple web search and this will certainly get you started. However, you may wish to fast-track your learning by completing a short course about the language.

I have created my HTML 5 tutorial videos which are concise, to-the-point and you can go through them at your own pace. On my course you will master the basics of HTML 5 enabling you to create beautiful websites that will look great. There are a total of 17 concise, step-by-step tutorial videos that you can watch as I show you how to quickly develop your coding skills.

You will also learn how to integrate audio and video into your websites. My course has been structured so that you will be able to start creating HTML code right from the start. I have created my course using High Definition video and audio, so rest assured you won’t be disappointed with the quality of the audio and video in the tutorial videos.

You can watch more preview videos taken from the course and also sign up for a Free 7 day trial by clicking the ‘Register Now’ button below:


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