Mobile applications development is a must for any company that has a product or service to promote. Potential and existing customers can download a mobile app from the company’s website and install it on their phone. The mobile application will then provide customers with a quick and easy way to order products and services.

Another side to mobile app development is that you can always try your hand at developing apps for other companies and individuals. This can provide a lucrative income, since the demand for mobile apps is huge, and you can develop mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows based mobile cell phones.

So how can you get started developing your own app or providing a mobile applications development service?

Well there are a number of web sites that provide training on app development, and one of the most popular courses available online is the AppDevSecrets course. The AppDevSecrets course provides comprehensive training that requires no previous programming knowledge, which is great for beginners. The course is divided up into several easy-to-follow modules, which can be fast tracked if an individuals has some previous programming or app development experience.

The following questions and answers provide more information on app development,

Question: I have been looking for software to create a simple mobile app that potentially uses function blocks, GUI, or non-programming tools for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile Phone, and / or Blackberry. Does any such software exist and how much is it? Where do I purchase / download?  – by Nick

Answer: App development and complex programming skills kind of go hand in hand. zxc

Answer By: GuyOnEarth


Question: Hello! I am starting a app development business, i pretty much want to be a solo developer on having a mobile app company helping me develop the game. I have the game app idea created and completed, however, the main issue i have right now is finding the funds to get this game app out the door. I have search tirelessly and endless, for people or ways to get the funds. Right now, my main focus is Getting the funding, develop the app and get it out the door If anyone wish to help me in any ways to get the app made i would greatly appericate it. – by Leland L

Answer: Hi, Appreciate your efforts and congrats. If you have just an app idea and funding is your issue, then contact for a company, as a company they can get the funds easily and they have the development team, expertise developers and the required necessity things to start and ends the project. For any kind of app development in Atlanta & Bay area visit : Leading app development company in GA, have the expertise app developers and delivered 100+ app development successfully.

Answer By: daniel


Question: I am interested in developing software but i am confused in choosing the right field. Which field should i choose : 1)Web development 2)Desktop application development 3)Mobile development (Android and iPhone app development) Please help to choose best field and also tell me why should i choose that. For your info i am doing BCA(Bachelor of computer application) and i am presently in third year.I like all above mentioned fields and therefore there is inner conflict – by husain kantawala

Answer: In development there are so many fields like .net, php, c, c++ etc But its depend on you in which field you are entrusted in my point of view php and app development is the best field to built your carrier.

Answer By: Lisa


Question: I am writing a business plan for a mobile phone app and website. I need to estimate my startup expenses so I can write a projected income statement, balance sheet, a break even analysis, and cash flow statement. Can someone give me an idea of all the costs I will face in the first year (including cost to get my app on the app store, hosting costs, development, etc.) The app would need to have functionality similar to groupon or foursquare – by alabamguy

Answer: If you hire a professional developer to create mobile app for you, your expenses will be from $500 to $5000 USD, depending on the complexity. It is one time cost. You can also choose to pay developer to maintain that app for you, but it is much better idea to have it created in such a way that allows anyone with the administration access to easily add, remove or modify the data. To get your app on the app store you will need to join Apple’s paid developers program. It costs $99 USD for 1 year. If you want to host your app and promote it through website, your costs will be around $70 per year. Domain name registration for 1 year is around $10 and you can find hosting for around $5 monthly.

Answer By: Jimny4


Question: Hello, Android: Introducing Google’s Mobile Development Platform 3rd Edition by Ed Burnette Android : A Programmer’s Guide 1st Edition by J. F. DiMarzio i am a beginner suggest me the best. – by Vamsi

Answer: There is no proper definition of best when it comes to choosing books. You choose one depending on your requirement, level, author’s way of explaining things etc. I would recommend previewing books online or renting them from a library to see which works best for you, and buy one which explains in best possible way according to you. Having said that, you can also include these three resources/books in your list: – Unlocking Android (Manning) – The Android Developer’s Cookbook (Addison Wesley) – Android.Com

Answer By: TechAhead


Question: I’m designing logo for an app development company. They don’t have a website yet so I don’t really know what they do?  – by Arthur

Answer: I have an app development company. We design, develop, and market mobile apps. We develop for the app store, not just for clients, so the job involves a lot more than just coding. We also have to come up with the entire app idea, content, sales model, and marketing strategy. Working for clients would instead involve dealing with specifications and requirements, and delivering the product the clients wants. Does this development company plan to work for clients or develop directly for the app store? Does this company have any branding, identity, themes? What types of apps will this logo be branded with? Who will see the logo? What does the company want from them? If you are going to make a logo for this company you REALLY need to know the answers to these questions.

Answer By: Tim


Question: I know there are a few online mobile app courses out there but I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion on which is actually a good course if I have limited programming experience before I spend money on one  – by Matt

Answer: There are many platforms for developing mobile applications. You need to choose the right one according to your interest. Here are some resourses where you can learn app programming:

Android App Course

iPhone app development Tutorials

iPhone Application Programming

Developing Apps for iOS(HD)

Hope it helps 🙂 Wish you the luck !

Answer By: Daniel


Question: I want to find the best mobile application development company or team who can offer the qualitative outsourcing service with reasonable price. Developers from Ukraine are preferable – by Sam S

Answer: Hey i can suggest the well-known name ArcApps, which are famous for their quality application development. ArcApps mission is to help companies grow, succeed and prosper by harnessing the power of mobile applications and app technology.

Answer By: Julee


Question: I want to stay on top of what is going on in the mobile development area. Where are we converging, what are the emerging trends etc.. – by Srihari p

Answer: Cnet, engadet, droid-life, xda developers etc.

Answer By: Jonathan Cha

If you wish to find out more about application development then I thoroughly recommend that you have a look at the AppDevSecrets course, which you can take at your own pace online. You can visit the following link to find out more about the course:

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