S3 Amazon has unlimited online scalable storage that you only pay for what you use (just 3 cents per gigabyte!). In my Amazon S3 tutorial videos you will learn how to securely host all of your images, videos and files. I will also introduce you to some free online tools that you can use to manage all of your files and administer your Amazon S3 account more easily.

I’ve created a sample video which contains a snippet of a few videos in this series so that you can see and here the quality you will receive if you decide to sign-up to my S3 Amazon tutorial course.


Amazon S3 Tutorial Video Titles:

01. Introduction To Amazon Web Services (AWS S3) – 5 min

02. Amazon S3 Pricing – 6 min

03. S3 Pricing Calculator – 8 min

04. Account Setup – 5 min

05. S3 Buckets – 6 min

06. Identity Access Management (IAM) Account Setup – 6 min

07. Setup CloudBerry Explorer – 8 min

08. CloudBerry File Management – 7 min

09. CloudBerry & Expiring URL’s – 5 min

10. Create IAM Policy For Cyber Duck – 6 min

11. Install Cyber Duck – 5 min

12. Cyber Duck File Management – 5 min

13. Cyber Duck & Expiring URL’s – 3 min

14. Bucket Explorer Setup – 7 min

15. Bucket Explorer File Management – 7 min

16. Bucket Explorer & Expiring URL’s – 5 min

17. AWS Console S3 File Management – 7 min

18. File Encryption Using CloudBerry, Cyber Duck & Bucket Explorer – 6 min

19. AWS Console File Encryption – 6 min

20. Streaming Video On HTML Page – 9 min

21. Streaming Video On WordPress Page – 8 min

22. Secure Download Links & Images – 8 min

23. Share S3 Buckets With Other AWS Accounts – 7 min

I have also included my S3 .pdf guide and several ‘copy & paste’ codes to make configuring your account super easy. This course is particularly suitable for anyone with a lot of images, videos and downloadable files on their website or server who is concerned with exceeding their web hosting provider’s bandwidth quota or wishing to reduce the load on their web server.

You can watch more preview videos and sign up for the 7 day free trial by clicking the ‘Register Now’ button below:


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