If you’ve ever wanted to know the whereabouts of your spouse or children, then you might want to consider looking into using a spy phone software application or some mobile phone tracking software.

There are a number of mobile spy phone software applications that provide real-time mobile phone tracking, and one of the most popular is Phone Beagle by the Agile Binary Company.


The Phone Beagle tracking software has 2 main components,

1. Software host – which is installed on the target phone (Android or Blackberry) This records the tasks carried out on the phone, such as SMS messages and calls, and also the geographical location of the phone.

2. Software client – which is installed on your PC or an Android application installed on your mobile phone so that you can monitor and connect to the target phone.

You can use the software to detect and record calls, SMS messages and location information. You can also view web site history when the target phone user has been browsing the web. As you can see by reading between the lines, the software can be used to keep track of a suspected cheating spouse and also tracking your child’s whereabouts. One other great feature of this spy phone software is that you can bar outbound calls and SMS messages, which is an excellent option if you child or spouse has a habit of racking up huge phone bills!

You can find out more about the Phone Beagle software and download it from the Agile Binary Company website.


SpyPhone is another software application that works with Nokia mobile phones. You can use the software to turn the target phone into a listening device or ‘bug’. People engaging in conversation within 5 to 10 metres of the target phone can be heard and recorded. The software can be activated when you call the target phone from a predefined number or by sending out an SMS message to the target phone. The phone will not ring or beep when you call it or send an SMS text message when using the software. The user of the target phone will be totally unaware that you have connected to their phone.

You can also setup the spy phone software to send you a ‘copy’ of all incoming and outgoing SMS text or MMS messages on the target phone, to a predefined number. The software application is totally invisible to the target phone user and no trace of the software can be found on the target phone.

So why would you want to use this software? To be honest, the list is endless. Similar to the Phone Beagle software it could be used to safely monitor your wife or kids. You could also install the target phone in your workplace to monitor staff conversations particularly if stock or products have gone missing. You can find out more about the Phone Beagle software by visiting the following link:



Finally, you might be feeling a little concerned that someone has installed some spy phone software on your cell phone! Well don’t despair, because if you suspect this then you can simply visit your local manufacturers phone service center and they can completely wipe everything from the phone and put it back into the state it was in when you bought it.

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