Udemy ‘The Academy of You’, which was originally launched back in 2010, is a free online education platform (website) that allows people to learn and teach online.

Udemy’s founder, Gagan Biyani, noticed that they were thousands of people trying to teach online on a variety of subjects, but they didn’t have access to the technology or a generic teaching platform that they could use to create quality online courses and tutorials.


This online teaching platform allows people to ‘teach’ as an Instructor or ‘learn’ as a Student.

By using Udemy’s content platform, instructors can upload video, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, audio, zip files and live classes to create these courses.  Udemy is primarily video based, and as part of the instructor agreement, all courses should contain at least 60% video content. Udemy also allows instructors to present live lectures and tutorials, and it is possible to engage and interact with students via the website forum.

As a Student, you can take Udemy courses across a large range of categories, including accounting, arts, business, computer programming, languages, music and technology to name but a few. Udemy offers both paid and free courses; the instructor is given the option whether or not to charge for the course they are offering. Udemy is free to join; as a student or an instructor and it doesn’t cost anything to create an online course. Udemy takes around 30% share of the instructor’s earnings (source: TechCrunch report April 2013).

How To Become A Successful Instructor On Udemy

You can create a whole range of tutorials on Udemy, from web design courses to knitting courses! If you have a hobby or play a sport that your are particularly good at, then you can create a course on how to excel in that hobby or sport you play.

Are you good at your job or an expert your field of work? Do you think that you could demonstrate to someone else how they can be more successful in that area?

The great thing about Udemy is that you don’t necessarily need to be a university professor in the subject or area you wish to teach in! As long as you know what you’re talking about and you can ensure that the information presented in the course is accurate, then it can be relatively easy to get started as an Instructor on Udemy. Simply create some high quality video tutorials (Udemy requires 720 by 1080p High Definition) and lectures on a subject that you are familiar with and upload to the Udemy site.

It is also worth providing some bonuses or supplementary materials such as .PDF’s or Word documents to complement your tutorial videos and lectures. This serves as good reference materials to help your students learn and progress through your course.

The price tag for a Udemy course various, however, the majority of courses appear to be priced between $49-$99, although there are some higher and lower priced courses. Every so often Udemy run a number of coupon code campaigns where potential students can get between 60-75% off the price of all courses listed on the website.

Remember that Udemy will take around 30% of whatever you charge for your courses, so it is worth bearing this in mind when deciding about the price of your course.

Money Making On Udemy

Probably the best money making strategy on Udemy is to offer a number of free courses to students. This achieves two things; firstly it will help build up your Instructor Feedback faster, which will give you more credibility on the site. Secondly, it will familiarize students with your courses and your teaching style, which will encourage them to take one of your paid courses and recommend you to their friends.

Remember that it is very important to ensure that your free courses are of high quality, because this is your chance to shine and really show people that you are a brilliant instructor who knows what they are talking about.


Another good money making strategy is to add in your affiliate links to the bonuses or supplementary materials offered in your courses. For example, if you were to offer an HTML 5 Tutorial video course for people who want to create websites or web pages using HTML 5, then you could also create an eBook about HTML 5 and include your affiliate links to a ClickBank or ClickSure affiliate product within the eBook.

This money making strategy ensures that the student finds out about additional resources that they may never have heard of and it will ensure that the Instructor receives additional payments, even after the student has finished the course. It is probably worth mentioning that the student will pay the same price for any affiliate products that you recommended, whether or not they buy it through your affiliate link or directly from the product site. So this is a win-win scenario for the both the student and the instructor!

Udemy presents a great platform to teach online, and as you can see, it is relatively easy to get started. Providing good student support, video tutorials and lectures that contain high quality content, you can quickly become a successful Instructor and start to earn money with Udemy.com.

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